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Yoga Class Types

Jai offers a variety of class types. Our intention is to welcome everyone/body to find a safe space for their yoga practice. Most classes incorporate an element of Vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa means to place with purpose/intention; which translated in yoga asana classes through movement with breath, thoughtful planning and deliberate execution. Each teacher brings their unique intelligence of the practice their classes which helps keep things fresh and interesting. Yoga means yoke, or unite. At Jai we aim to offer you tools to unite your mind, body and spirit, connect into the present moment and vibe with a like-minded community. 


VINYASA: to place in a special way

At Jai, we infuse purpose, intention + devotion into our teaching. We practice presence with our students and staff. Intelligence, experience + care are poured into our class planning, sequencing + cueing. In Vinyasa classes, we link breath + movement to connect body, mind + spirit.

BHAKTI: the yoga of devotion. action dedicated to something bigger than yourself

At Jai, community is always a priority. We realize the importance of being in community with others on the yogic path. We are stronger as a whole and the whole is considered in our decisions. We hold each other accountable. We take time for each other. We practice patience, kindness + compassion. We practice listening, pausing before reaction + honest, healthy communication. We teach more than just the physical practice of yoga. Each teacher uniquely brings lessons from their own yoga studies + life experiences to elevate their classes and help reconnect our students to their highest, truest selves. We remember to say thank you, to each other and to our teachers for giving us this beautiful gift of yoga.

Level 1

Level 1 classes are perfect for beginners with little to no yoga background. Our teachers will guide you to develop a strong foundation for your yoga practice. Level 1 classes are also great for the advanced practitioner looking to refine their foundation, slow down and be reminded of mindful alignment and transitions. Some Level 1 classes will be foundational, while some more gentle and juicy. All will be accessible to every (body). 

Level 2

Level 2 classes are geared towards the yoga student that has an understanding of the basic Vinyasa yoga postures (Downward Facing Dog, Cobra, Plank etc.). Level 2 classes are a step up from Level 1 because they may move a little faster, teachers may not deeply unpack every single posture, and the challenge level will be elevated. Expect to go deeper into sequences, move on the breath, learn new poses and flows, while maintaining the Jai standard of intelligent cueing and attention from our teachers.

Level 3

Level 3 takes it up a notch and is perfect for those with a regular yoga practice. These classes are considered  more intermediate and advanced. With a strong foundation in basic Vinyasa postures, Level 3 classes take it up a notch in intensity. Expect to continue to flow on the breath, learn new techniques, infuse occasional pranayama practices and kriyas, and sprinkle in advanced postures like arm balances and inversions from time to time.