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What our Yogis are saying

Kirstie Weimer Avatar
I always feel so grounded and rejuvenated after class. Truly a unique studio with the best guides. Cheryl is one of the kindest souls ever. Love this place!
Kirstie Weimer 9/19/2023
Amy Lochner Avatar
I am so grateful that I participated in a SUP yoga class given by Jai Yoga School instructor Vivian Black. The experience of practicing yoga in nature on the water... read more
Amy Lochner 8/31/2023
Deborah Goedeke Avatar
I feel like my life is always in the fast lane personally and professionally. This is the one place that allows me to reconnect for just one hour with my... read more
Deborah Goedeke 8/31/2023
Pamela Hotaling Avatar
My experience at Jai is always great! I feel the instructors truly, truly put their hearts into every single session. โ™ฅ๏ธ
Pamela Hotaling 8/31/2023
Jill Konopka Avatar
Amazing instructors, welcoming yoga community. Studio is clean and in pristine, inviting condition!
Jill Konopka 8/18/2023
Meg Maurer Avatar
A wonderful community of people who are welcoming and knowledgeable. Whether you're a beginner or have been practicing for a while, there's a class for everyone at Jai. Give it... read more
Meg Maurer 8/16/2023
Giesse Duarte Avatar
Great experience! The studio is beautiful, everyone is super kind and, most importantly, the class was very good!!!
Giesse Duarte 7/20/2023
Laura Cooper Avatar
Wonderful Thursday Gentle Yoga with Ayla!
Laura Cooper 6/23/2023
Emily Schultz Avatar
The Crystalline Meditation & Crystal Singing Bowls event with Cheryl was an awakening yet grounding experience. The music and guided meditation were beautiful and moving. This was a perfect way... read more
Emily Schultz 5/23/2023
Sujatha Nigam Avatar
I just bought a 6 month membership and I have really enjoyed my experience so far, especially with the Monday Yin and Megโ€™s vinyasa class. All the instructors are welcoming... read more
Sujatha Nigam 5/13/2023
Susan Kaus Avatar
I'm enjoying my classes at Jai Yoga. The classes and the instructors are great. I recently decided to try level 2 for a little more of a challenge.... read more
Susan Kaus 5/05/2023
Cyndi Rockenstire Avatar
If your in need of calmness, rejuvenating, self care-JAI is the place. A beautiful space from the minute you walk in.
Cyndi Rockenstire 4/25/2023
Leanna Ginsburg Avatar
The studio is gorgeous and the class times are convenient! There are a great variety of classes as well. I greatly recommend it!
Leanna Ginsburg 4/20/2023
Cathy D'Alessio Avatar
Every class/ workshop that my husband and I have taken at Jai has been such a wonderful experience. Meg and her team always provide a nurturing peaceful and supportive yoga... read more
Cathy D'Alessio 4/04/2023
Nicholee Froese Avatar
The gong bath was fantastic! The staff at the facility were helpful and friendly. The place is gorgeous! There were mats and blankets available for use. It was a fabulous experience
Nicholee Froese 4/03/2023
Johanna Lupoli Avatar
Truly a gift for the body, mind and spirit!! From the moment you arrive until the time you leave you will feel the loving embrace of Jai!
Johanna Lupoli 3/23/2023
Edie Banker Avatar
A wonderful place to practice with a variety of classes that meet individual needs. Skillful, genuinely kind-hearted teachers!
Edie Banker 3/13/2023
Jeannette Sheehy Avatar
As a total beginner, I was unsure if I would be able to get through a class. However the welcome was warm, the atmosphere serene and friendly and the Level... read more
Jeannette Sheehy 3/13/2023
Jeannette Sheehy Avatar
Even though it was my very first yoga class and I wasnt sure what to expect, I felt very welcomed in a warm, non judgmental setting. Emily's personality and detailed... read more
Jeannette Sheehy 3/12/2023
Matt Chiesa Avatar
Best yoga studio in the area. Always enjoy their classes and workshops!
Matt Chiesa 2/22/2023
Mary Bryan Avatar
Felt very welcomed and safe in the beginning yoga class. I highly recommend Jai Yoga School.
Mary Bryan 2/08/2023
Natalya Sukhonos Avatar
This is such an amazing and special place! I love the decor and the positive vibes of the studio, and the fact that all the classes are incredible, a nice... read more
Natalya Sukhonos 1/27/2023
Willow Zielenski Avatar
Wha? Someone rated this place 4 stars?! Inconceivable! 5 stars all the way โ˜ฎ๏ธ
Willow Zielenski 1/27/2023
Julie Flynn Avatar
Jai is by far the nicest and welcoming studio Iโ€™ve been to in the area. The studio is beautiful and the classes and events are always great.
Julie Flynn 1/25/2023
lillian moy Avatar
Dustin is a great teacher. Thoughtful. Challenging. Human and humorous. And the pranayama helps you breathe and is much needed
lillian moy 1/25/2023
Rachel Hill Avatar
What a gem! This studio is very welcoming and kind. Instructors are fantastic and all bring their unique style. I would absolutely recommend for all levels, but especially those who... read more
Rachel Hill 12/27/2022
Maura Psoinos Avatar
1st time ! Loved it . Welcoming , great class , felt great after : mentally and physically! I will be back ! Thank you.
Maura Psoinos 11/26/2022
Kate Elizabeth Powers Avatar
The class, the ambiance, the venue, and the instructor were all exactly what I needed.
Kate Elizabeth Powers 11/26/2022
Lisa Sunkes Avatar
This is a lovely facility with friendly staff very conducive to the practice of yoga.
Lisa Sunkes 11/19/2022
Mary Sanford Avatar
Jai is a warm and welcoming community. Every instructor is unique and each student is shown the benefits of yoga and meditation. Whether you like the strong workout or a... read more
Mary Sanford 11/11/2022
Vivian Black Avatar
Jai is a joy for all your senses! I appreciate this yoga school for itโ€™s authenticity and commitment to the path of yoga. Thank you!!
Vivian Black 11/02/2022
Nicole VanVoorhis Avatar
Jai yoga school is such a welcoming, relaxing, and peaceful place. As soon as you walk into the building you are completely at peace with the atmosphere alone. All the... read more
Nicole VanVoorhis 11/01/2022
Lisa Madden Avatar
Spending Sundays with Meg is the best part of my weekend. ????
Lisa Madden 11/01/2022
Candice Stellato Avatar
Jai is a yoga studio with superior trained, professional, and creative teachers. They offer a variety of class levels for all abilities But the best of Jai is... read more
Candice Stellato 9/29/2022
Rebecca Hathaway Avatar
A beautiful spot to practice yoga. Great gentle yoga class and wonderful instructor. I felt calm, balanced and lifted up with the class.
Rebecca Hathaway 9/14/2022
Laura Cooper Avatar
Wednesday Gentle Yoga with Sarah is just wonderful!!!
Laura Cooper 9/06/2022