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Yoga Flow Class Slingerlands New York-ON

Yoga Flow

All Levels

ground ⦁ flow ⦁ breathe ⦁ connect

Get ready to flow in our all-levels Jai Vinyasa class, designed for every yogi regardless of experience. Here, you’ll find a nurturing space to grow alongside seasoned instructors, cultivating your practice in an intentional and mindful environment. This class embraces you exactly as you are; moving your body and following your breath to foster steadiness, confidence and trust in yourself and your practice. Expect to be immersed in a seamless flow, guided by steady cues, attentive instruction, bangin’ playlists and as always, the ever-loving environment that Jai and our teachers provide. Close with a soothing cool-down and rest to soak up the harmonious and holistic experience that is Jai’s Yoga Flow!


SUMMER SALE July + August $180

Summer Sale