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Yoga Class Types

Yoga Class Types

All of the classes offered at JAI are rooted in the lineage of Vinyasa Yoga. Vinyasa literally means to place with intention. This is translated in asana (posture) classes as placing the breath with the movement of the body. Yoga means to yoke, or unite. At JAI we aim to offer you tools to connect mind, body and spirit. Our teachers have their own unique style and gift to offer to you. There is an appropriate class level for everyone.

Heated VS Non Heated Classes

Any class labeled HOT means that the room is heated. Hot yoga is great for all sweat enthusiasts! The heat helps your muscles get a natural warm-up. Make sure you hydrate properly before coming to a hot class. Try not to eat anything for at least 3 hours before class. A light snack is okay if you need it! A heavy meal will not settle well in the heat. Please refer to the class descriptions for more info re: specific degrees, etc. 


vinyasa + bhakti

VINYASA: “to place in a special way;”  how we put it into practice at Jai:


At Jai, we infuse intention + devotion into our teaching, presence with our students, intelligence, experience + care into our class planning, sequencing + cueing. Linking breath + movement to connect body + mind. 

BHAKTI: “devotion;” how we put it into practice at Jai:


At Jai, community is always a priority. We realize the importance of being in community with other people on the yogic path.  We are stronger as a whole and the whole is to be considered in our decisions. We hold each other accountable. We take time for each other. We practice patience, kindness + compassion. We practice listening, pausing before reaction, honest, healthy communication. We teach more than just the physical practice of yoga. Each teacher uniquely brings lessons from their own yoga studies + life experiences to elevate their classes and help reconnect our students to their highest, truest selves. We remember to say thank you, to each other and to our teachers for giving us this beautiful gift of yoga. 



  • Please try your best to arrive 10-15 min early. Doors will lock when class begins to assure safety of our students belongings.
  • Leaving early: If you know you have to leave early please inform the teacher before class. Kindly set up your mat in the back of the room (near the door) and sneak out before savasana to respect the peace of your fellow yogis.
  • Please leave your cell phone in the lobby on silent. (If you are on call, inform your teacher why you have your phone with you.) We want to help you to create space from all of the busy-ness of life!
  • Do not assist students unless it is your class or the teacher asks you to. This is a liability.
  • If you are very sweaty, please be mindful and wipe up after yourself. 
  • If you borrow a mat, wipe it down after class.
  • Be kind to others. You never know what someone is silently battling in their own lives.
  • Lead by example. Following rules of etiquette will trickle through the yoga community.

What to bring/wear

  • Wear comfortable clothing, class-type appropriate for sweating. In stronger classes expect to sweat more than gentler class! 
  • Never hesitate to shoot us a note with any questions or concerns! (maybe hyper link “shoot us a note” if possible to “”
  • Come prepared with water and a yoga mat. A towel is recommended for heated classes. JAI has mats to borrow and mats for sale if you forget yours/want to buy one. We also have water for sale at the front desk.
  • For HOT classes: bring a small sweat towel and mat-sized towel for sweat. We have both for sale at the studio if you’d like to purchase one. 

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