TODAY IS A BLESSING, see you on the mat
Sonya Jai Yoga Instructor


Sonya Madden is a grateful member of the Jai team.  Sonya is blessed to work under Meg and Dustin and teaches barre fitness at Jai weekly.   Sonya has been teaching group fitness since 2001 and barre since 2011. Her love for group fitness started as a kid when her mom used to take her to Jazzercise classes all dressed in neon spandex.  Fast forward years later, while living in Italy after college, Sonya joined a gym and began religiously taking group fitness classes to try to better learn the language and meet friends.  After returning to the States, she became a certified instructor and has enjoyed teaching everything from step aerobics, kettlebell training, strength training, spinning, and kickboxing.  Sonya’s inner cardio queen was challenged when she was introduced to barre fitness in 2011, where she learned the benefits and value of low-impact, high-intensity strength training, utilizing high repetitions, and targeting smaller muscle groups.  Sonya noticed an improvement in her training for triathlons, marathons, and everyday life.  Outside of the studio, Sonya can be found spending time with her husband Jeremiah and three children Keane, Pierce, and Charlize.  She works full-time as a Physician Assistant in Thoracic Surgery at St. Peter’s Hospital and loves running in any free time she has left.  Sonya teaches every Sunday morning at 8 am at Jai.  Come join her to supplement your yoga practice.  Not only will it make you a stronger yogi, but it will also improve your posture, cardiovascular endurance, metabolism, and increase your bone density.