TODAY IS A BLESSING, see you on the mat
Dan Yoga Instructor Slingerlands New York


Nada Yogi Dan began his spiritual journey as a young man living in China where for over a decade he was influenced by the history of Chinese thought, culture, scholarship, and camaraderie with professors and students of Sun Yat-Sen University, and Zen Buddhist monks from Guangxiao Temple of Guangdong. The introduction of Daoist influenced Zen Buddhism and concepts such as Wu Wei (Spontaneous unforced action), Confucianism (Service for Society), Dao (Middle Path), dedicated meditation, and a lifelong study of music paved the way for his path and calling toward Bhakti Yoga.

Dan practices under amazingly dedicated and talented yoga teachers at Jai Yoga School where he completed his YTT 200 under Meg and Dustin Horan. It was during YTT that Dan fully embraced a dedicated harmonium and chant practice, had the opportunity to focus on finding his voice, and found his center amongst those that make up the Jai sangha.