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Vivian Yoga Instructor Slingerlands New York


Vivian has been a devotee of yoga through her early decades and credits the practice with improving her strength, pace, courage and presence in this physical realm. With a background in both Iyengar and Bhakti yoga, Vivian respects the constant improvements in alignment-based sequences while providing opportunities for exploratory movement as well. After many years in the adrenaline-filled whitewater industry, Vivian was looking to expand her physical strength in a spiritual platform. Jai Yoga school filled in the foundation of her path forward with a 200-hour teacher training.
Expect a well-rounded class designed to ground you, strengthen and open your heart to new possibilities which is symbolic of her time at Jai Yoga School. She aspires to extend Dustin and Meg’s work- to provide a space for human connection, new inspiration, embracing change as a positive force and encouraging alternative forms of leadership.

When she is not teaching yoga or paddle board yoga, Vivian works with our youth in the public schools as a Speech and Language Pathologist. This background with respiration, phonation and articulation supports an approach to yoga that prioritizes communication, anatomy and creativity.

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