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Cheryl Beckman Yoga Instructor Slingerlands New York OFF


Cheryl started teaching Yoga in 2010 in a local gym where she taught various fitness classes and found that Yoga greatly improved the health of her mind, body, and spirit, and helped her to cope with anxiety and the stresses of life. After being a gym-certified Yoga instructor she decided to further her education in Yoga at Heartspace in Albany to become an RYT. In addition to her Yoga training (including restorative, Hatha, Vinyasa, advanced pranayama/meditation techniques, and Ayurveda), she has studied Reiki, Healing Touch, Crystal healing, and Sound therapy. Cheryl has gratefully studied with many teachers and practiced at many studios but really resonates with the practice of Bhakti yoga, especially at Jai Yoga School! Her classes are theme-based, welcoming, and heart-centered with modifications given for all.

On a personal note, Cheryl loves animals, plants, gardening, music, singing, dancing, socializing, and speaking Spanish! She is grateful for her husband Steve (who sometimes assists with the sound therapy events) and her two adult children Patrick and Nika.

Cheryl is so appreciative of the opportunity to teach at Jai Yoga School and enjoys sharing her experiences and love of Yoga with her students. She also offers the Crystalline Guided Meditation sound baths at the studio monthly with her team of amazing crystal bowl players!

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