TODAY IS A BLESSING, see you on the mat
Marc Yoga Instructor Slingerlands New York


Hey what’s happening! Marc here with a little background for ya… Blessed to be a father to two amazing little kids (boy/girl twins). I’ve had a career in the construction industry managing projects for over 20 years. Love staying active. Big fan of the martial arts, the kids and I practice Taekwondo together and I couldn’t be happier about that.

Yoga nerd for over a decade. It all started with just a home practice for a few years till I was referred to Jai back when they were on Madison Ave. After my first few classes there I knew I found a home to grow my practice. Unfortunately a couple years into it we both moved farther away but as fate likes to work I’m back and super pumped to be able to share my love for yoga & all I’ve learned over the years with you all.

As for my style… Flying, floating & funky transitions are my thing. Love mixing in some non traditional yoga type mobility patterns into flows as well. Don’t let that sway you though if it’s not your thing because whether you’re looking for a full on inversion filled power flow or a chilled out grounded hip & heart opening session I’m your man. Hope to share space with you soon, PEACE

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