Yoga Detox


Detox literally means ridding the body of toxic and unhealthy substances. What we learn through the consciousness of our yoga practice is that our mind is often exposed to a lot of toxic and unhealthy substances as well. In this class, we are taking the idea of “detoxing” as more than just a physical practice. We live in an over-stimulated world where our brains consistently take on more information than it feels they are meant to. Oftentimes, what we are “digesting” with our minds is toxic input! This class addresses this toxic conundrum, physically AND mentally.

Take time in this heated, all levels, vinyasa class to unwind and release the heaviness that may be taking up your mental space and wring out everything that is feeling “stuck” in your physical body. This class will leave you feeling cleansed, renewed, and full of yogi power to take on any challenge life presents to you.