In 2015, Nicole suffered a back injury which ultimately led to a life changing surgery and the loss of a career she had worked incredibly hard for and was extremely passionate about. Dealing with permanent physical limitations and the emotional trauma that came along with the loss of the work she had once found so fulfilling, Nicole turned to yoga here at Jai in an effort to find physical healing. What she ended up finding was so much more. Not only did she discover that yoga could help her regain some of the strength and flexibility she had lost and make living with her limitations feasible, but she found herself healing from the emotional pain as well. She finally was able to find contentment and joy in the new path her life was on. Today, she is a stay at home mom to a daughter who brings more joy and light to her life than she ever could have imagined. She chose to teach yoga in hopes of helping others who are struggling to find some peace. She wants to bring that same contentment and joy that she was shown by her teachers at Jai to those who are suffering, helping them along their path to healing, both physically and emotionally.

Nicole's Schedule