Jennifer first began her journey with yoga over 10 years ago with a home practice, mainly to balance out her gym workouts. In 2012 she received her certification in personal training , it was also at this time that she attended her first class at a local yoga studio. Immediately she fell in love with all of the benefits that come with a consistent yoga practice. Not only the physical aspects, but also the calming sense of well being that stayed with her throughout her day , and began to spill over into other areas of her life. By 2013 she had almost completed her 200 teacher training with Jennilee Toner. During this time Jen went through a series of life changing events, and she is convinced that if it wasn’t for her practice and the support of her, “yoga family”, she would not be where she is today.

Jennifer teaches a strong vinyasa class suitable for all levels. Everyday is a new beginning and so at heart I believe we are all beginners, and by creating mindfulness in the present moment we can cultivate a new awareness in our daily lives. You can expect to learn how to bring a soft focus to the breath and physical alignment. It’s not how the pose looks, but rather how it feels in your body. She also brings a sense of lightness to her classes through humor because life is stressful enough, yoga shouldn’t be!

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