Ari is proud to be a yoga instructor at Jai Albany and have the privilege of meeting and teaching such kind and extraordinary people. Ari found yoga in 2013 when she took a Hip-Hop vinyasa class on a whim. Having a strong background in dance, Ari knew she needed an outlet to get out of her head and into her body. That first class provided her that and more. Full of sweat, swearing music, and sweetness, that class showed Ari that yoga can simultaneously be tough and soft, powerful and serene, energizing and calming. Without hesitation, Ari found herself immersed in the world of Vinyasa yoga with a particular affection for arm balances and inversions. Ari strives for each of her students to feel the same wonder and excitement she felt in that first yoga class. Composed of thoughtfully sequenced poses and creative themes, Ari’s classes are infused with opportunities to explore and expand your yoga practice. Ari encourages her students to try new or ambitious poses and to approach the practice with an open mind and sense of fun. When she is not teaching, Ari is a mechanical engineer and mother of a python named Karma.

Ari's Schedule