200 Hour Teacher Training


Are you interested in becoming a registered yoga teacher? Or maybe you’re a practitioner interested in thoroughly deepening your personal practice? Yoga teacher training is an experience of a lifetime.Terra Firma will provide you just that, “solid ground” for your life as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). You will learn how to intelligently construct a Vinyasa yoga class, how to articulate yoga philosophy in your classes in your very own way, proper alignment and dynamics of the asanas (poses), safe and applicable anatomy and of course, finding YOUR voice, your style, your rhythm and the courage that lies within you to TEACH.

This program offers

  • Tools to Teach an Intellectually Designed & Meaningful Vinyasa Yoga Class
  • Asana & Alignment
  • Sequencing
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Anatomy & Exercise Physiology
  • Hands-On Assisting & Correcting
  • Pranayama (breathing)
  • Chanting & Bhakti Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Business of Yoga
  • Specialty Workshops Including: Ayurveda, Gentle/Restorative Yoga, Pre-Natal Yoga and more


2020 Dates

January 17-19

January 31 – February 2

February 28 – March 1

March 13 – 15

March 27-29

April 24 – 26

May 8-10


  • Friday: 5:30PM-9PM
  • Saturday: 9:30AM-7PM
  • Sunday: 9:30AM-4:30PM

Vegetarian (and delicious!) meals served Friday night (dinner), Saturday (breakfast and lunch), Sunday (breakfast and lunch).


  • Full Tuition: $2880
  • Paid in full by Dec. 1: $2700
  • Paid in full by Jan. 1: $2790

Payment Plan

Payment plans available.  Please contact us for details!

Now is the time 

Terra Firma at Jai Yoga School changed me, my life, and my practice. I spent years deciding whether or not to enroll, worried that my practice wasn’t strong enough, that I wasn’t ready, that I couldn’t do it. Where ever you are in your life, in your practice, in your own growth and journey, know that you are ready, you have and always will be enough, and that now is the time. This truly is a holistic experience for the mind, body, and soul. Terra Firma prepares you to be a yoga teacher, but also brings out the best bits of yourself and strengthens them for all aspects of life. It is the healing and change you’ve wished for but not yet found, the gift you deserve to give yourself, and a family of beautiful souls forever intertwined. I am eternally grateful to Meg and everyone at Jai for the learning of a lifetime, for the new friends, the deeper practice, the love, the strength, the spiritual growth, and so much more. Take the leap <3 

-Marley, Class of ’18

I am forever grateful

My journey through Jai Yoga School’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program was an experience that not only prepared me to guide others in yoga but also changed my life in immeasurable ways. When I found Jai Yoga School and Meg I was searching for a 200 hour teacher training program, but I found so much more. Through this experience I learned about the ancient practice of yoga, so much more beyond the asanas. I strengthened my own personal practices of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness and learned that there was so much about yoga than I never imagined. Meg guides you not only through a journey towards becoming a yoga teacher but a journey into yourself. Each weekend was so carefully designed to place us all on a journey of self discovery that we experienced both individually and as a group. Since graduating I have continued my yoga journey and am now guiding others in the practice of yoga through several weekly teaching jobs. I am forever grateful to Meg and all the teachers and contributors of this program, and I continue to know Jai as my yoga home. 

-Sarah, Class of ’18

I was challenged

Warning! Do not enter this program if you want your life to remain the same. Studying  at Terra Firma was one of the most positive experiences of my life. I received inspired instruction from some of the most genuinely creative, positive, and knowledgeable people I’ve ever met. I was challenged to do things I never thought I could do, such as teaching confidently, accessing poses, and understanding yogic philosophy. I fell in love with the core parts of Jai’s culture: the meaningful relationships, a deepened connection to the divine, and a renewed commitment to personal growth. I am so grateful for this experience.

-Hannah, class of 18

A loud and urgent call

After a period of time practicing with Meg, but before Terra Firma was official, I felt a loud and urgent call to take a Yoga Teacher Training.  I didn’t fully understand it, but I heard it and asked right after class at a different studio about any programs in the area.  Just a few days later, while still researching my options, Meg announced she would be hosting her first YTT.  I knew without a doubt she was the teacher I wanted to learn from.  Despite this, I still hadn’t reconciled what this call was and I had a lot of questions.  Who did I think I was taking a course in teaching yoga when I had really only practiced for a few years?  How would I afford the time and the money?  What if I was no good at it?  What if I wasn’t spiritual enough or healthy enough? These questions and others remained until (and some throughout) the training, but they ultimately became inconsequential because YTT was so much more than learning about how to perfect and  instruct the poses.  In addition to that, I walked away from YTT with a more broad understanding of the history and foundations of a practice I love; a beautiful and sacred circle of friends; a deeper level of peace and self-confidence; a desire to share my love for life and yoga through teaching; enhanced compassion for myself and others; and a teacher I adore.  YTT is challenging and requires sacrifice and commitment, but completing my RYT-200 with Meg remains one of the best investments I have ever made in myself.

-Zoe, Class of ’15

No better place to be

Participating in the Pure Warrior Yoga School was, quite literally, the best thing I’ve done in my adult life.  After practicing yoga on and off for years, the teacher training grounded me in my practice, developed my skill and ease in asana (poses), and provided me with focus and understanding.  It was a both a spiritual and physical training, and though I didn’t enter with the intention to teach, Meg’s gentle style lead me to realize that I can use my own practice to help guide others.  I’ve been teaching since the training ended, with no intention of stopping anytime soon.  I recommend Jai and the teacher training to anyone who asks–I can think of no better place to be.

-Katherine, Class of ’17

Creating a sangha of love

Jai School with Meg (Allen) was life changing, and inspiring. Yoga means “to yoke” or “unite”, and Meg’s training guided me into the physical, mental and spiritual connections of the self as well as with the world around us. You learn the foundations of vinyasa postures, as well as complex sequencing that allows you to flow and connect on the breath. Meg and guest instructors really shined their light and love on us (students), creating a sangha of love and learning to last a life time. SO grateful to have been part of this teacher-training/ life changing program! I receive many wonderful complaints after classes I teach and I just am so humbled, honored and thankful to my teachers in the Jai Yoga School.

-Denise, Class of 15

I couldn’t recommend it any higher

This program changed my life in so many positive ways. I couldn’t recommend it any higher. I am so very grateful to be a part of Jai Yoga School community.

-Jennifer, Class of 18

Completely changed my life

This yoga school has completely changed my life in various ways. Not only have I been gifted with an intense knowledge of yoga and all its lineages; but I have also been fulfilled with the gift of learning about myself and all life has to offer.

-Sabrina, Class of 16

Much more than physical

This training is very well rounded and covers much more than just the physical practice of yoga. I feel like I received a solid foundation to safely guide an asana class while also being able to weave a deeper meaning throughout. I’m so thankful to have been a part of this training!

-Kella, Class of 16

From the ground up

The teachers at JYS are incredibly knowledgeable and the director draws from a very wide range of experts on different topics related to yoga. The sense of community is built from the ground up in a strong and gentle manner. It’s been a life-changing program for the better.

-Dave, Class of 17

Teachers are highly committed

Meg provides an organized and well rounded program. The program really prepares you to teach. The teachers are highly committed to teaching and helping all the students. Provides exposure to different styles of yoga, philosophy and encourages a strong community. Highly recommend Jai Yoga School!

Erin, Class of 17

Change lives through yoga.

Jai Yoga School is more than just a certification program. It is a true example of what it is to immerse yourself into something and learn about it in the most honest form. The program transforms students personally and professionally, at the end we come out teachers not just instructors. We are given the tools and knowledge to change lives through yoga.

Danielle, Class of 17

A strong foundation

Jai Yoga School has an incredible community environment. One where you can recognize your obstacles and learn how to get through them. An environment of unconditional love, support, and compassion. An environment in which you can learn to serve. JYS gives you a strong foundation to begin to share your practice with the world.

-Olivia, Class of 17

Prepared to begin teaching

Completing my 200-hr YTT through Jai Yoga School is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only were we prepared to begin teaching as soon as we graduated, our passion for yoga was deepened throughout our training as well.

-Martha, Class of 15

Deposit & Application

Limited space available. A $600 (non-refundable) deposit is required to reserve your spot.

Please join Meg + Dustin Horan (Directors),  Deb Ruteledge (Anatomy + Physiology), and many special guests  on a journey that will change the way you see yourself, your practice and the world forever.

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