TODAY IS A BLESSING, see you on the mat
Dustin Jai Yoga Instructor


In 2012 Dustin grew tired of a wreckless, carefree, partying lifestyle that accompanied him through the majority of his adult life. Feeling as though he had no other option he decided to take refuge in clean living. With a new diet underway, a budding yoga practice and a new perspective on life; Dustin took the plunge to take a trip to the MotherLand of yoga, India. There he discovered that there was so much more to yoga beyond the physical practice that he had just embarked on back home. On this life-changing retreat, he also met both of his teachers, Raghunath and Sondra Loring, whom he soon after completed his 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with. In 2015, Dustin completed his 300-hour training at the Govardhan Eco-Village in India with Raghunath + other inspiring Bhakti teachers. 

Dustin is a tattoo artist that has been honing his craft since 1999. He has brought his love and passion for Indian culture into his artistic endeavors and is grateful to do what he loves daily. 

Dustin’s classes are strong and light-hearted. He likes to challenge his students through physical practice while encouraging them to stay humble, laugh and have fun. His goal in teaching is to “make the impossible possible” for all bodies, ages and skill levels; even if that means giving something new a try and having a good time. In his classes you will likely practice pranayama, chant + sometimes, if you’re lucky, get to hear an epic story.  

Dustin inspires others to take a different approach to their lives and their practices. He is living proof that change is not only possible, but can be fun and exciting. Dustin is forever grateful for this practice of yoga.

“The way out is within.”