After many years of struggling to find a sangha (community) that felt easeful and sweet, Natalie found the practices of Bhakti yoga, and fell in love with what this divine love had to offer. Diving right in, she noticed a sense of liberation that she hadn’t felt in her past yoga experiences, and made the decision to dedicate herself fully to her physical & mental yoga practice. She completed her YTT 200hr under the direction of Meg Horan as well as an additional 100hr Mentorship Program furthering her teaching studies, and began teaching at JAI in 2016. She has continued to be committed to her practice not only as a teacher, sharing the love of Bhakti with her students, but also as a forever student – constantly learning from her teachers, friends, and peers. Natalie’s classes are filled with modifications, challenges, philosophy and spirituality – giving each student an opportunity to take their practice out into everyday life and much deeper than just moments on their mat. She is constantly grateful for the opportunity to share her love of yoga with her students, teaching various leveled classes all with the same underlying idea of love, gratitude, and self care.

Natalie's Schedule