Mareena began incorporating the physical aspects of a yoga practice into her workout routine one summer as a way to simply stretch and relax at the end of the day. She would fall in and out of a cycle of daily practice while life and things came up and got in the way.

Finally, after years of struggling with crippling anxiety and depression that she wanted to better manage she rediscovered her love of yoga and found that the times when she felt the most connected and at ease with herself were the times when she had a consistent practice in her life. When she finally felt the call to seek out a teacher training program she discovered Bhakti yoga and never looked back.

Mareena loves to teach a strong flow that challenges and encourages students to step outside of themselves in order to find new growth and introspection within while meeting them where they are on their mat.

She became a 200 hr Certified Yoga Teacher through Jai Yoga School under the tutelage of Meg and Dustin Horan.

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