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Hot Yoga Bakran

Hot Yoga : Barkan

Level 2

sweat ⦁ strengthen ⦁ find balance ⦁ breathe

The Barkan Method is a hybrid style practice in the lineage of Bikram, Bishnu Gosh, and Paramhansa Yogananda. The sequence incorporates postures from the original Bikram Hot 26 sequence into a power-style practice. This Vinyasa/Hatha practice will build strength, improve flexibility, and enhance physical and mental balance. This class will consist of breathwork, a set vinyasa sequence (five flows), balancing poses, and a cool down. Most of the postures will be repeated twice, and the same series of poses are done in each class which allows you to observe changes in your body and mind from day to day. Room heated to approximately 90-95 degrees.

This is a heated class. Please prepare by bringing water + a full size towel. Hydrate properly prior to class.